A Game Of Pokemon Go Could Actually Boost Your Brain!

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the most famous locality based virtual game where the players have to actually get up and walk, unlike other mobile based games. It is enjoyed equally by kids and adults alike. For anyone interested in getting to know the master player Pokemon, essential tips and tricks to play the game, etc. a peek into pokemongoland.com is all you need. Recently, the reputed website www.forbes.com had also mentioned about the ways in which playing Pokemon Go helps to get kids out of the house and into the neighbourhood.

Usually one of the major criticisms faced by mobile app games is that they make the players secluded to a single place, maybe on a chair or bed and they continue playing without any interaction with the outer world and never exploring the outside world. But Pokemon Go proved all these theories wrong as it is played using certain virtual creatures named Pokemon which urge the players to step outside, explore the surroundings and real life locations or objects in their surroundings.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of playing Pokemon Go that might make you rethink your ideologies about video games:

Improving Mental Health
The game Pokemon Go has been observed to create a great positive impact on the mental health of the people playing it. People who suffer from mental illness like depression or anxiety disorders usually become introvert and stay aloof away from the real world, maybe locked up in a room. It was observed that when such people were introduced to the world of Pokemon Go, they got engrossed in the game, totally forgetting their worries and depressions which itself is a positive impact. Since the game urges people to get out of the home and explore places, these people started to forget their mental condition and dared to step outside into the real world and explore places, cultures and people around. This naturally helped them overcome their mental illness and turned them into more confident, active and happy individuals.

Helping Autistic Patients
Patients suffering from autism usually don’t mingle with the outer world. Recently a renowned psychologist introduced this game to her autistic patients to observe the changes in them. The colourful graphics got the attention of the patients and was found to create an overall positive impact. The concept of the game was quite interesting for them. They were observed to absolutely love the idea of gathering things and getting to know different information about each and every character. The game improved their hidden abilities to observe, gather information and analyse the situations. Thus Pokemon Go made them forget their insecurities and explore the outside world without being anxious over anything at all.

Thus Pokemon Go urges people to get up, get going, meet new people at the Pokemon stops, converse with them and in the process improving their overall physical and mental health. It also helps people in interacting with others. People with anxiety disorders usually refrain themselves from speaking to others. But, while playing Pokemon Go, they have a language named poke language common to them and they might encounter others at the pokestops and start a conversation with them which is a highly positive impact on the game. So, we could conclude that some plays are actually good for your overall brain development and Pokemon Go is one of them!